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Today I want to talk to you about relationships.  We all have relationships to different people and things: family, friends, coworkers, money, music, our car, sports and of course, our health.  And just like any relationship, it takes time, education, energy and effort to make that relationship work.  If you do not put time, education, energy or effort into a relationship, you cannot expect that relationship to work.

Your health is no different.  My question to you is, what kind of a relationship do you have with your health?  What are your daily habits that you do for your health?  Are you consistent with them?

Death is one thing that is certain in this life.  Most people believe that in order for us to die, we need to become plagued with chronic diseases, limited function, pain and no energy.  I have news for you, aging and getting old are not synonymous.  If you are not putting energy into your health now, you cannot expect your health to hang around.  You can expect disease and degeneration.  Instead, we can become experts at managing our own stress, eat a clean diet, drink plenty of water daily, exercise 3-5 times a week and get regular chiropractic adjustments. Then one day when you are 110 years old, disease free, pain free, fully functional and have all the energy you want, why can’t our light flicker out?  This scenario sound much more appealing to me then the first.

My point is saying this is your relationship to your health is important.  If you put little or no effort into it on a daily basis, your chances of being in the first scenario are high.  But you have the power to choose differently.  For those of you already living a healthy lifestyle, great for you.  For those of you that need to get started, I hope this compels you to start.  No judgment here from me.  I want to arm you with the knowledge and action steps to make a difference in your relationship with your health.  There is no competition.  Are you on a journey of becoming better than what you were yesterday?  Each and every one of you are so worth it.

I am a big fan of baby steps.  My call to action for you is this.  Pick one thing from this list below to add to your lifestyle and one thing to take away from your lifestyle.   Stick to that for one month, and then pick another.  At the end of the year you will have 12 new healthy habits.

Add to Lifestyle                                                               
• drink more water
• eat more organic fruits/veggies
• brisk walk 15-30 minutes daily
• exercise more consistently
• nurture your inner child/play more
• grass fed beef, wild caught fish, free range chickens and eggs
• more home cooked meals
• more rest/sleep

Eliminate/Minimize from Lifestyle
• soda, store bought fruit juices
• 1 small cup of coffee per day
• packaged, processed, GMO and fried foods
• eliminate artificial sweeteners (Splenda, Equal, Sweet n Low)
• eating out
• being sedentary

Thank you for reading and I wish you well. 


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Better body performance

Better body performance

Do you want more energy, clarity of thought, better restful sleep, quicker recovery time from workouts, weight loss, stronger digestion or immune system, less body/joint aches and pains, decreased allergies, food sensitivities or skin/hair problems? Do you have a healthy lifestyle such as consistently exercising, eating clean, drinking enough water and getting restful sleep, but the results or performance that you want from your body are just not happening? I hear this all the time from my patients. Can you relate to this at all? Do you feel stuck? I want you to know that you are not alone. This is pretty common. But there are reasons why your body is not performing. When your lifestyle is not converting into the performance you want from your body, it is not a question of your lifestyle. The question needs to be pointed at the way your body is functioning, or shall I say not functioning.

Every single cell in your body has this innate desire for well-being. That is what I love about the human body and physiology. The human body was designed to ALWAYS heal, grow, repair and thrive, not just to idle by and survive. When you are not getting the performance from your body with the lifestyle that you are living, it may be due to a certain level of dysfunction occurring in your body? What do I mean?

Your cells, tissues (muscle, connective, bone, nerve) and organs need 3 things to perform their normal function and for you to be healthy. Cells, tissues and organs need food to be dropped off, their waste products removed and clear communication from your brain to be able to perform their normal function. If your body can do these three thing efficiently, performance from it is a non-issue.

When your lifestyle is not getting the results you want for your health, it may not be getting proper communication from your brain because you have subluxations in your spine or you have poor posture and the signals from your brain are not reaching the target tissue or organ. If you are eating a clean diet, you may have a subclinical digestion or absorption issue and your body cannot get the proper nutrients to your cells and organs for them to function properly because of specific enzyme deficiencies. Maybe your body is locked into a sympathetic dominance (fight or flight mode) because you are eating too much refined carbohydrates, have a type A personality or have mineral deficiencies. These are a few of the many reasons that can be compounding factors of why your body is not performing the way you want. Don’t sweat it, you need to get your body checked.

This is what I specialize in. I evaluate your body from a functional perspective and find the primary source of stress on your body. Once found we minimize that stress and then work together to improve and support normal function. When this happens and you give your body the time and space it needs to heal, it is only a matter of time before health is expressed. The human body has to. It is what it was designed to do. The main problem I see is that most doctors are not trained to identify the source of stress. Which is why the results are minimal at best. Most people then try to self-diagnose and treat themselves from what they find on the internet, which can be dangerous. If you have a lot of unanswered questions about your health, then call my office and schedule an appointment to get your body checked. I am not okay with people having unanswered questions about their health. Schedule now call 630-548-0700.
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