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Swine Flu

My patients have been asking me about the swine flu and I want to address a couple of  things.  First, there is a lot of fear being created in the media about the swine flu going around.  I don’t want people to be afraid of this hype.  Secondly, it doesn’t matter if it is the swine flu, avian flu or the regular flu, there is one thing you need to focus on to protect yourself from ANY sickness? 

I understand that people are concerned and do get effected by what is going around.  At the same time your body is perfectly capable of handling what is going around provided that you take responsibility for yourself and own health.  The human body is an awesome self monitoring and regulating machine.  It knows exactly what to do every time we get sick or injured.  We don’t need to out smart our body, we just need to give it what it needs to function optimally.  Inside us, we have this amazing police force called our immune system.  The immune system can fight off anything that comes its way when it is strong.  What the immune system needs is a properly functioning nervous system, nutritional support and efficient waste removal.

Here are 6 things you can do to make your immune system stronger and keep it there. (more…)


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