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selfI was at a conference several years ago. This one speaker came out on stage and started by saying that he recently learned two things that we as humans inflict suffering upon ourselves. I was intrigued. He then proceed to share them with us. They are our constant obsession about the future and our constant comparison to others.

I was blown away by the simplicity and how very true they are. When you are feeling stressed out, stop to think for a moment. Is your stress self-inflicted based on these two concepts? I have done this little exercise countless times over the years and realized how much I was beating myself up based on these two concepts. Can you relate to them? How would your life be different if you become fully aware of these and choose more wisely in the moment when it was happening?

Let us take a closer look at these to see if we can understand them better.

The first one is our constant obsession about the future. Where are you? Going through your average day, how present are you from moment to moment? Are you present and focused on the task or is your mind worrying about a project deadline, meeting or just somewhere else? I struggle with this one but I am very conscious of it. That is a personal daily goal I have for myself. I strive to be 100% present in the moment, all day long. When I can successfully do this, I have lots of energy at the end of the day. This is one way I measure my success. If I did a bad job of being present, I am exhausted at the end of the day. Try it for yourself and see how you do with it?

The second one is our constant comparison to others. Again, this is another great way to beat ourselves up. Do you compare yourself to someone else? Either, with the way they look, how their business is doing, the house or car that they have the amount of peace in their life or just how put together they are. Life is a journey and a process of becoming more. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. As long as you are continuing to work on yourself and striving to become better then you were yesterday, you will get there. Remember, a flower blossoms when a flower is ready, and not before it is ready. Moreover, when a flower blossoms, the flower does not ask other flowers to smell its scent or comment how beautiful it is. A flower is a standalone thing and blossom simply because it can. Being who you are, having the strength and courage to be you and make your mark on the world is what you are here for. You need to be you because there is no one else like you.

Your mind a very powerful thing, and so are your thoughts. Thoughts become things so choose them wisely. I hope this helps you on your journey.

Give this a try and let me know how it works for you. Be well.

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When we think of relationships, we usually think of them in terms of relationships with other people.  We also have relationships with things such as money, hobbies, our computers, cell phone and of course, our health.  As you know, for any relationship to flourish and grow we need to nurture them by putting energy and effort into them.  Our health is no different.

Many people look for a short cut to regain their health by trying to find that magic pill, certain exercise or gadget that will give them instant health.  None exist.  True health is not obtained or maintained by doing one thing often or doing it really well.  True health is a lifestyle which has five factors contributing to the overall performance of the human body.  These factors are stress management, good nutrition and hydration, regular exercise, a good night sleep and regular chiropractic adjustments.   Health is like excellence, they are both created by being consistent with self discipline and great habits.

The best way to eliminate or dissolve bad habits is to create new ones to replace the old.  We must make sure we see the big picture as to “why” we want to create new habits in the first place.  If our “why” is not strong enough, we are setting ourselves up for failure from the start.  What is the end result we are looking for?  Is it weight loss, more energy or getting better performance out of our bodies? We must have a specific outcome and picture it in our mind’s eye.  Then we must create a plan of specific steps that we can do daily to achieve our goals.  Once a plan is created, all we have to do is focus and execute our plan.

What lifestyle habits do you need to create to incorporates all the factors for great health?  Let’s look at them one at a time.    (more…)

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A Normal Life

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”  This quote is so true on many levels.  As we grow up and become responsible adults, we tend to forget the potential that lies within us.  What I want to touch on is the innate healing potential the body has.   When we listen to our body and provide it with what it needs to thrive you would be amazed at what is possible.  I see this everyday in my practice with my patients.  My patients make poor lifestyle choices that stress their body and they get sick or injured.  As a result they come to me to help them get their body back in balance.  A normal, healthy, full life is what I intend to live, free of symptoms and disease especially in my golden years.  All of this is possible and much, much more.   Here is an article from a fellow colleague that talks about a normal life that I whole heartedly believe in.  Click here.

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