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To sleep or not to sleep?

 As I see patients over a period of time, I start to see patterns in their health, behavior and lifestyle choices they make on a daily basis.  One thing that I am seeing recently is that people tend to get up, get ready for work, hit the automatic pilot button and go, go, go until they run out of energy at the end of the day 12 hours later.  Then the weekend comes, they go out with friends and are still on the run.  They do this week in and week out.  Does this sound like any of you?  Don’t get me wrong, we need to work and spend time with family and friends.   But what about YOU?  You need time for you to slow down, relax, breathe and sleep to recharge your battery so you can keep going.  Let’s take a look at what happens to people as they live the above example.

It’s overwhelming to see a lot of my patients experience this.  I am constantly advising them to take more time for themselves and sleep more.  Sleep is a very important part of our health.  Getting into the R.E.M. sleep is the only time our body has the ability to repair itself from the daily wear and tear.  It is also when our immune system is the strongest.  When my patients don’t take this advice, they don’t get better or it takes them a lot longer to heal and they get frustrated.  When they do sleep at least 7- 8 hours a night consistently, it is amazing to watch firsthand how the human body knows exactly what to do with their stressful circumstances and it heals very quickly. 

You have this routine down pat.  You are a master of it.  Now you are starting to have insomnia, energy levels are low throughout your day now and the stress at work is increasing.  You still forget to slow down and take time for ourselves and WHAM.  You get a cold or the flu, insomnia, stiff sore joints, heart burn, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea or experience recurring headaches.  We need to listen to our body and check in with it from time to time because our body knows what is best.  When you get sick or you start to experience 2, 3, or 4 of the symptoms I referred to earlier on a daily basis, your body is screaming SLOW down and take care of me!  Symptoms are like the check engine light coming on in your car.

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