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When we think of relationships, we usually think of them in terms of relationships with other people.  We also have relationships with things such as money, hobbies, our computers, cell phone and of course, our health.  As you know, for any relationship to flourish and grow we need to nurture them by putting energy and effort into them.  Our health is no different.

Many people look for a short cut to regain their health by trying to find that magic pill, certain exercise or gadget that will give them instant health.  None exist.  True health is not obtained or maintained by doing one thing often or doing it really well.  True health is a lifestyle which has five factors contributing to the overall performance of the human body.  These factors are stress management, good nutrition and hydration, regular exercise, a good night sleep and regular chiropractic adjustments.   Health is like excellence, they are both created by being consistent with self discipline and great habits.

The best way to eliminate or dissolve bad habits is to create new ones to replace the old.  We must make sure we see the big picture as to “why” we want to create new habits in the first place.  If our “why” is not strong enough, we are setting ourselves up for failure from the start.  What is the end result we are looking for?  Is it weight loss, more energy or getting better performance out of our bodies? We must have a specific outcome and picture it in our mind’s eye.  Then we must create a plan of specific steps that we can do daily to achieve our goals.  Once a plan is created, all we have to do is focus and execute our plan.

What lifestyle habits do you need to create to incorporates all the factors for great health?  Let’s look at them one at a time.    (more…)


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